The team founder

Entrepreneurial complementarity is the key to success
  • Mike Dejardin
    With several national digital platforms to my credit, including one sold to a major German group, I master the subtleties of lead acquisition and online branding. This expertise is supported by a solid network of investors who believe in our vision. Matthieu, our CTO, brings the technical expertise needed to turn this vision into effective solutions for our customers. We are your asset to achieve your goals in the digital world.
  • Georges Didier
    Business development manager
    Mon expertise commerciale et technique, couplée à la vision stratégique de Mike, nous a permis de développer des solutions digitales avant-gardistes. Chaque projet est pour moi une opportunité d'innover et de repousser les limites. La complémentarité de nos profils est notre force, permettant à YOUR NEXT LEVEL de se positionner comme un leader dans le domaine. Nous sommes impatients de vous accompagner dans votre aventure digitale.
  • The team
    Behind YOUR NEXT LEVEL, you'll find a united and dynamic team of around 15 professionals, who work every day for the success of your projects. Each one of them is positioned as an expert in their respective field, whether it's SEA, SEO, customer acquisition, development or marketing. These different talents allow us to adopt a holistic approach, combining strategy, technique and creativity. Our strength lies in the complementarity of our profiles, guaranteeing cutting-edge expertise in all aspects of our digital strategy. Together, we are determined to offer you innovative and effective solutions, adapted to your specific needs.
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YNL values

Operational excellence

Operational excellence is at the heart of everything we do. We constantly strive to achieve the highest level of performance in each task, ensuring unparalleled quality and efficiency. Our commitment to excellence drives us to exceed established norms and set new standards for our sector.

Systematic transparency

Transparency is not only a value for us, it is a daily practice. We believe in open and honest communication at all levels of our organization. By actively sharing information, being open about our processes and keeping our promises, we earn the trust of our customers, partners, investors and employees.

Innovative adaptability

In a world that is constantly changing, adaptability is essential.
We embrace change as an opportunity to learn and grow. Our culture of innovation pushes us to anticipate future challenges, to find creative solutions, and to remain at the forefront of our field. We see every challenge as a chance to innovate and improve.


Our partners

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Our impact actions

Let's be an actor of change, let's redistribute the cards

  • Intervention in the school environment

    We volunteer in schools as speakers to guide and advise the future generation of entrepreneurs.
  • Support for project creation

    We voluntarily share our experiences with entrepreneurs of all ages in an associative framework, in order to support them in their projects.
  • Project financing assistance

    We participate in financing commissions to provide our expertise and help entrepreneurs obtain the funds necessary for the success of their projects.
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