Photo professionnelle du fondateur de YOUR NEXT LEVEL, Mike Dejardin.

Our founder: A career dedicated to digital success

Mike Dejardin is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the digital sector. Founder of a successful national marketplace in the field of moving, which he later sold, he has solid experience in online customer acquisition. His previous project, which lasted from 2016 to 2023, raised more than €500,000 and generated severalmillion euros in turnover. Appearing several times on prestigious channels such as BFM Business and BSMART, Mike has consolidated his expertise in digital marketing and SEO, now at the heart of his agency. Through the latter, it has developed a network of more than 100 specialized consultants, dedicated to optimizing the online visibility and performance of its customers.

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Our head of business development: France, Spain

Georges Didier brings valuable expertise in business development and digital strategy to YOUR NEXT LEVEL. With his skills in creating strategic partnerships and client relationship management, he plays a key role in optimizing our clients' online presence. Fluent in four languages, Georges facilitates international interactions and enhances our global reach. His approach, centered on customer satisfaction and increasing conversions, makes him a major asset to our team.

+ 100 Partner experts

At YNL, we collaborate with a network of over 100 SEO experts, each specializing in various aspects of SEO. Our partners are selected for their expertise and their ability to generate tangible results. Together, we form a team dedicated to the continuous improvement of our customers' online presence, using tailor-made strategies that precisely meet the specific needs of each project. Our collaborations are based on trust, excellence and a shared commitment to providing the best possible service.

Webflow & UI design expert
Google Ads & SEO expert
Art director
SEO & copywriting expert
Webflow & Make expert
Webflow & web design expert
Webflow expert
UX/UI designer
NoCode expert
UI & UX designer
Google Ads expert

+ 100

Partner business experts

Map showing the international presence of YOUR NEXT LEVEL in France, Spain, and United Kingdom.

We are present internationally

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